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5 Best Things About Dining At Pompey's Grill

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Mar 8, 2019, 12:27:28 PM

Pompey's Grill

There is a little place in a little town, tucked away in a big state, that will absolutely change the way you think about food. That little place is Pompey’s Grill. Any curious diner can find it by heading west out of Bozeman until they reach the town of Three Forks. Take the exit and go left, and as there’s just one street in and out of this old cowboy town, you’re bound to run right into it. The restaurant itself is nestled in the historic Sacajawea Hotel. The estate greets Pompey’s patrons with a wide front porch adorned in white columns and a line of matching rocking chairs. As you make your way inside, a hand-tiled ceiling, wingback chairs and old wooden floors lead you through the hotel and into Pompey’s, where the real experience begins. These are our top five reasons why it’s one you don’t want to miss out on. 

The Menu is Montana’s Most Unique

Look, we love steak and potatoes as much as the next Montanan, but sometimes you crave a more exotic cuisine. That’s when you head down the road to Pompey’s Grill. Their menu is decorated with items that most restaurants in Montana shy away from. Due to Montana’s landlocked location, some dishes are difficult for even the best kitchens to bring to life. The case is not so for Chef Matt Israel. Sea scallops, shrimp and king crab legs are woven through the meat and fish options on menu. But they are more than just options--they are options so fresh that you’ll believe you’re dining somewhere off the Gulf Coast near the shoreline.

It’s As Locally Sourced As Possible

Perhaps one of the reasons Pompey’s food feels effortless is because when you buy local, you’re halfway to a better meal already. The restaurant does everything it can to buy locally sourced ingredients, not only creating a better dining experience for its visitors, but supporting fellow Montana business owners. Farmers and ranchers from all over the state produce some truly magnificent products, and Pompey’s Grill is proud to support them. With ingredients like this, much of Chef Israel’s style revolves around enhancing the natural freshness and letting the local flavor speak for itself.

178The Service Matches the Five Star Food

We know that Montana is a casual state. It’s one of the things we love most about our home! But when it comes to a five star meal, people deserve a level of service that matches. A dining experience should be just that, an experience. The best food in the world loses its appeal if it’s served in a lackluster (or worse) manner. Just like they do for their food, Pompey’s pays the utmost attention to its patrons, ensuring that every detail is perfect. Their demeanor, expertise and pure pleasantness will have you coming back for more.

The Atmosphere is Top Notch

When people arrive at Pompey’s Grill, they’re in search of an experience. Part of creating a well rounded experience is the phenomenal cuisine, part of it is the exquisite service, and then there’s the atmosphere. Where you eat what you eat matters. Pompey’s has done a beautiful job of preserving the elegant details of old while updating just enough to keep things fresh. Enjoy your entree and an artisan cocktail under dim lighting, surrounded by original wood detailing and classical throwback fixtures.

They Know How to Change it Up While Prizing their Most Popular.

When it comes to crafting the menu, Pompey’s has it down to a science. There is always a fine balance when it comes to a restaurant’s offerings--how do you keep things fresh without losing what makes you great? Pompey’s has its finger on the pulse of what patrons are loving, and those items become their mainstays. And yet, if it’s been a few months since someone has treated themselves to an evening in the hotel restaurant, they’re likely to find a few surprises. All the dishes stay true to the restaurants authentic style and commitment to clean and unique flavor.

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience you can’t get anywhere else, call us to make your reservation today! We would love to have you.

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