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A Tale of Two Menus: Pompey’s Grill and Sac Bar

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Oct 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM


Take a seat, and order up at the Sacajawea Hotel. With two dining options right on-site, your palate certainly won’t be bored. Upstairs, just off the main lobby, you’ll find elegant Pompey’s Grill, the fine-dining option to expand your tastes and give global cuisine new flair. Downstairs, the Sac Bar gives an uncomplicated and unpretentious look at classic pub fare, elevating it to new, delicious levels. And with two such drastically different atmospheres, the only connection you’ll find between the two menus is the ingredients that form an indelible base of quality. Dive in to discover the two menus at the heart of the Sacajawea Hotel.


Where does menu inspiration come from? It starts from a base of those flavors worth savoring and builds from there. Global cuisine finds a place here in the heart of Montana, getting classic dishes a facelift that is anything but traditional.

From there, creativity takes charge, with head chef Matt Israel at the helm. He steers flavor and skill as the head of the team, but you can tell how valued each member is, from host to dishwasher. That’s the kind of support system you just can’t fake, and it allows everyone on staff to contribute to the magic, offering up ideas and inspiration for a shared well of creativity.



Without amazing ingredients, a menu can’t achieve its fullest potential. So it’s a good thing that across both menus at the Sacajawea, the ingredients are the top priority. With so many local farmers and ranchers around, you may think it would be easy to source a kitchen’s worth of local products. But the kitchen strives to find only the best, and that takes some work.

Still, it pays off in the end with a roster of meat and produce sourced as locally as possible to the region and the state. And you can taste that Big Sky flavor as you dig in.


When it comes to global flavors, a Big Sky rendition is in order. On both menus, you’ll find influences from abroad, whether it’s curry weaving its way in, complimenting seared avocado, or poutine with a pub twist. Depending on the fine-dining flair or the cozy comforts of the Sac Bar, you will find bespoke dishes to delight your tastebuds and satisfy your cravings.



There’s a lot of big flavor in such little dishes. Upstairs, you have to try the lamb-phyllo rolls and fried Brussels. Downstairs, the poutine is out of this world. But no matter what you order, you’ll love to start your meal off with a bang.



Upstairs, the steaks are an obvious choice (and you really can’t go wrong with locally sourced steaks cooked to perfection), but when you branch out a little, you’ll find a sprinkling of the unexpected. Seasoned and seared avocado with curried lentils, some of the best duck you can sample, or bison short ribs are just a few of the dishes that will take you by surprise.

Downstairs, it’s all about comfort food. Go for the mac n’ cheese on a cold night, and it will warm you from the inside out. Or the prime rib wrap gives you an original take on favorite flavors.



A good meal just isn’t complete without the dessert. Simple offerings like Russian Honey Cake (layers of thin honey biscuit, rich caramel and sweetened crème Fraiche) sit on the menu next to the more decadent, like the Chocolate Bombe (no description needed, right? Chocolate on chocolate mousse on more chocolate on berries... yum).

Once you’ve rounded out your meal with something sweet, you don’t need to be ready for the end of the night. Grab another drink, and hit the dance floor at the Sac Bar, where you can shake it to live music sure to get your toes tapping.

Sound good? We know you will have that great dining experience you were hoping for. Discover the authentic Montana experience at the Sacajawea Hotel along with the decadent tastes at Pompey's Grill and the Sac Bar! You're in for a relaxing evening, a memorable celebration, and an exceptional dinner under the Big Sky. Find everything the season has to offer here. 




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