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An Itinerary For The 20-Hour Getaway To The Sacajawea Hotel

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Aug 28, 2018, 5:30:00 AM

Sacajawea Hotel Getaway

All you really need to feel refreshed is just one night away to unwind. Relish the relaxation from a stay at the historic Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks, Montana, and get away from it all without having to go far. Grab this 20-hour itinerary and get cracking—it’s time for a retreat to remember. 

Arrive in Time for a Spa Pampering

Check in at the Sacajawea Hotel, and get right to relaxing with a special spa treatment. Whether you’re looking for a massage to loosen sore muscles or a facial to open your pores and open your mind to your getaway, you can schedule personalized service right with the hotel.

Local massage therapists and clinicians will arrive onsite at your beck and call, where the hotel provides a soothing, quiet room for your personal indulgence. Nourish your spirit while you nourish your body.

Follow up with Fine Dining

After you’re thoroughly relaxed, it’s time for a meal to remember at Pompey’s Grill, the Sacajawea’s answer to fine gourmet. Sample mouthwatering dishes from the splendor of the classic dining room, or kick back in the warm summer evening out on the patio. With seasonal dishes crafted from top ingredients, each mouthful will delight.

Follow up with a drink or two at the Sac Bar, a local haunt with plenty of tasty nibbles if you’re in need of a midnight snack while you dance the night away.


Morning Breakfast in Bed at the Sacajawea Hotel

You may feel short on time with a 20-hour getaway, but the Sacajawea lets you relish each moment when you start the day off with breakfast in bed. Take the time to slowly sip your coffee and nibble fruit while you savor the complimentary continental petit dejeuner delivered directly to your door.

Settle in and Put Your Feet Up

It’s time to breathe easy and head to your room. Luxuriant linens and indulgent bath products from Gilchrist and Soames make even the simple act of settling in for your forty winks a spa-like experience.

Plush towels will wrap you in a warm embrace after you step from a soothing soak in your room’s classic claw-foot tub, and the classic design of these revamped historic rooms goes easy on the eyes. Settle back under a plush down comforter, and don’t you dare set an alarm!

Get Out for Some River Time

Whether this means a scenic float downriver in a canoe from The Canoeing House or some time practicing your casting with an experienced fly fishing guide from Territory Anglers, you can’t top the serenity of losing yourself to the gently flowing Jefferson River. Even better—book lodging packages directly through the Sacajawea to streamline your itinerary, including your river time with your room reservation in one easy step.

Soak Away Your Cares

End your time away with the ultimate relaxation: a soak in the Water of the Gods at Norris Hot Springs. Many people believe that the mineral-infused water of natural hot springs contains life-giving and rejuvenating properties. But no matter how you look at it, you’re sure to benefit from a soothing soak. Local brews and organic eats—with most of the produce grown onsite at the springs—will satisfy your appetite, while you lose yourself to the live music playing under the stars. Even as you head back to reality and the daily grind, the serenity you gained from your quick getaway will stick with you.

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