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Headwaters Family-Friendly Winter Itinerary

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Jan 17, 2019, 8:15:00 AM

Headwaters Family-Friendly Winter Itinerary

Family time just got even better, with a cozy winter retreat to Three Forks on the docket. You’ll find plenty to do when the name of the game is relaxing together, so follow this winter itinerary designed to get to the heart of the Headwaters region.

Slow Down and Spend Quality Time Together

It’s time to retreat together, get back to basics, and enjoy each others’ company. You don’t need to schedule out every moment to take in the simple things. You can linger over breakfast in bed at the Sacajawea, distraction free, with nowhere that you have to be. They’ll love luxuriating as much as you will, especially with wifi to keep their devices connected while you enjoy a moment or two just for you. Grab a hot cocoa at Three Forks Cafe, and stroll through the neighborhoods or around the Three Forks ponds without a set destination in mind, just enjoying the views of snow-capped mountains. You never know where you’ll find a shop to scope out or a park to play in.

Missouri Headwaters Winter Walk

Speaking of parks, you can’t go wrong with a winter walk down at Missouri Headwaters State Park. Check for animal tracks in the snow, look for winter birds, or hunt for the prehistoric pictographs hidden in the rocks here. This is the perfect way to blow off some energy on snow-covered trails, with views of the river and valley (without a hard climb for those shorter legs). You can help them learn as much (or as little) as they can handle from the interpretive signs along the short trails.

Private Appointment at Headwaters Heritage Museum

Headwaters Heritage Museum holds a collection of artifacts that bring the history of the region to life for all ages. Don’t be put off by the notice that the museum closes up operations at the end of September. You can contact them in advance to set up a private appointment, and give the kiddos that personalized Night at the Museum feel they’ll remember forever. From Lewis & Clark lore to Native American historical artifacts and art, the wide-reaching collection leaves plenty for them to look at, and to keep their attention.

It’s Special when You Make Time for a Special Event

Winter events in Three Forks are worth planning for. Whether it’s checking out story time at the library, or a candlelight tour of Lewis & Clark Caverns in December, your little ones will love to have that experience that breaks from the vacation norm. Plus, you’re showing them the local side of small-town Montana, which many are never able to experience.

Wind down at Norris Hot Springs

If you have the kind of kids who try to break through ice-covered streams and go for a dip, no matter how cold it gets, then you need to make your way to Norris Hot Springs. Live music on weekends, historically inspired wood-lined pools, and warm and steamy natural mineral water make it fun for them to splash around under the stars.

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