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Lunch at the Sac Bar

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Oct 17, 2019, 9:00:00 AM



Lunch at the Sac Bar is a savory experience (with a little bit of sweet thrown in there too). Get ready to lunch and munch your way through the menu, and order up from some of these delicious dishes. But first, here’s the rundown of this refined type of pub experience.

The Ambiance

Service here is fast and friendly, and of course, you can count on a craft cocktail to grease the wheels on your afternoon. This basement bar is far from divey, though. You’ll find warm wood tones and recessed lighting to illuminate the decor. This isn’t a bar for gunslingers, though we’re never opposed to a little Wild West action. While you wait for a cowboy to swagger through the doors, pull up a stool or snag a high-top table, and order up.


The Hours

During the summer, this is a perfect lunch spot from Wednesday to Sunday (on Mondays and Tuesdays, the menu is served starting at 4, so ideal for linner and late night). During winter, you can lunch on weekends. On lunch days, doors open up at 11 am, so scoot in for a midday dining treat.

The Menu

It can be tempting to order a light lunch, but the menu at the Sac makes that a tricky proposition. You’ll want to do more than a nibble, especially since the menu is subject to last-minute changes due to the availability of local goods. That’s how you know you’re getting quality! Here’s a little taste of the menu that we know you’re going to want to sink your teeth into.

Three Forks Stetson

This salad is nothing to scoff at. These flavors are about as Montana as it gets, and the addition of tasty trout means it’s far from rabbit food. You’ll find a bed of arugula, pumpkin seeds, and marinated tomatoes topped with crunchy corn, currants, and asiago. Quinoa and smoked trout give this dish the substance you need to stay satisfied for the rest of the day, while a topping of smoked avocado-buttermilk ranch ties everything together.


Mussels Casino

Mussels in the middle of Montana might be unexpected, but the Sac does seafood right. You can expect the freshest of fresh flavors, always, and the mussels are no exception. Enjoy New Zealand green shell mussels, stuffed and roasted with bacon (because bacon makes emerging better), garlic breadcrumbs, and herb compound butter.

Prime Rib Wrap

Once you’ve savored your starters, picking the main dish for your midday meal can be tricky. The prime rib wrap keeps things light without sacrificing flavor. Nibble on some shaved prime rib and caramelized onions wrapped in a flour tortilla. The horseradish cream inside gives you just a tiny kick, while the French onion au Jus brings it home.

Tenderloin Tip Fettuccine

For the days when a wrap just won’t cut it, try out the tenderloin tip fettuccine. This Cajun-inspired take on pasta (complete with Cajun blackened tenderloin tips and Cajun trinity) will give a little spice to the rest of your day.

Chocolate Bombe

It wouldn’t be a decadent and delicious lunch without some delightful dessert to round things out. The chocolate bombe will blow your expectations to smithereens, with Bavarian chocolate mousse tempered by a bittersweet chocolate ganache and mixed berry notes your palate will love as a refresh. Bon appétit!

Sound tasty? Discover your authentic Montana experience at the Sacajawea Hotel along with the flavors of the Sac Bar! You're in for a great time with delicious dishes under the Big Sky. Find everything the season has to offer here. 




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