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Soak It All Up At Norris Hot Springs

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Oct 4, 2018, 9:00:00 AM

Norris Hot Springs

Norris Hot Springs brings the best of Southwest Montana’s hot spring culture in its wood-lined natural pools. Its story speaks for itself—with a history spanning more than 100 years, you know this spot has been time tested.

The springs encompass a way of life that dates back to hardworking local miners in search of a warm bath, leading all the way up to today, where the quest for relaxation stays strong and satisfying in these steamy springs.

Get It Going

Norris Hot Springs

The ease of getting to Norris from the Sacajawea Hotel is the best part. It’s a straight shot on Highway 287 from Three Forks, and just 30 minutes to drive. Hop in the car, and let the road take you to relaxing water and delicious dishes best enjoyed poolside.

The experience starts from the road, where you can see the transparent dome—which houses weekend musicians—rising above the water. You’ll follow the path to the entrance counter, and then take care of business in the well-equipped changing rooms. From there, it’s time to get in the water.

Wonder At The Water Of The Gods

Water at Norris Hot Springs

They call Norris the Water of the Gods for a reason. The natural minerals found here are reputed to have healing powers to cure anything that ails you. Whether or not the science supports this, you can’t beat the relaxation that comes from having your muscles eased in hot water, best enjoyed under the stars.

Low-sulfur water—not even potent enough to tarnish silver—leaves your nose relatively free of that rotting egg aroma that hot springs are typically known for. Other minerals, like naturally-occurring trace element lithium, have been reported to facilitate cellular interactions and generally just put people in a good mood. 

Enjoy The Eats

Food at Norris Hot Springs

Norris brings you Montana gourmet right to water’s edge. All you have to do is step out into the air for mere moments in order to place your order, and then sink back below the steaming water line to wait for your meal to be delivered directly to you.

The 50 Mile Snack Bar is open on select days throughout the year, with service amped up for summer. But regardless of the season, you’ll be able to snag local, organic and gluten-free options, many of which are made from fresh ingredients grown right onsite, where those magic minerals fuel amazing produce in the gardens.

Dynamite Drinks

Drinks at Norris Hot Springs

Drink it up from the hot springs bar, where craft brews and fine wines rule the carte du jour. A menu that gives pairing notes elevates this beer and wine selection from poolside bar to a fine-dining experience that only lacks traditional table settings. You’ll find everything from classic Cold Smoke ale to Mission Mountain Huckleberry rosé.

Musical Magic

Music at Norris Hot Springs

With live music from local and visiting artists every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all year long, chill out in the water while your ears get happy. Acoustic Americana, folk, blues and reggae span the musical soundscape that you can expect on any given weekend.

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