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Some Of Our Favorite Dishes At Pompey's Grill

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Mar 28, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Best Winter Dishes At Pompey's Grill

When it comes to Montana goodness, you want to savor all the flavors you can. Pompey's Grill brings that to the table. Expand your palette to match the big sky of Montana, and place your reservation for the most exquisite dining you’ll find in the Headwaters. But if you still need convincing, take a look at these delicious dishes on the menu.


The seasonal mountain flavor that comes from roasted red deer tenderloin spiced with juniper salt, the bite of fresh arugula under a huckleberry vinaigrette, peppered with date spiced yogurt cheese and roasted hazelnuts, is meant to delight. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, you might want to consider a cocktail hour to get your taste buds primed. Think of the pairings, and you’ll relish the dish even more.

Rack Of Lamb At Pompey's Grill

Rack of Lamb

The distinctive flavor of lamb hits all the top markers for spring, with its earthy aroma and belly-filling flavor. When Pompey’s adds on the herb marinade and port reduction, the dish warms you from the inside out. Then to bring in the local angle, a Flathead cherry compote meets up with minted goat cheese for a twist on the classic.

Mac & Cheese

The ultimate comfort food makes its mark when you order Mac & Cheese from Pompey’s. Chicken, bacon, and spinach throw a party on the plate, all in a riot with the three-cheese cream sauce and penne pasta. But it gets even better with a lobster or shrimp substitution, making a merely cozy winter meal into luxe fare.  


The delicious flavor of duck in a red currant reduction laughs in the face of winter’s chill. Put that on a hash of root vegetables featuring meaty oyster mushrooms and pork belly, and this makes a strong contender for the most satisfying dish on the menu.


Sometimes, you need to lighten things up, especially after when the days get longer, and the temps get warmer. You don’t need to eat meat (or gluten, or dairy) to get a bite of this avocado goodness, seared with cashews and spices, and served with a warming dose of coconut curried yellow lentil puree, roasted vegetables, and green tomato relish. Get the filling essence you need, and also keep it green without having to go straight to a salad.

Morel Mushroom Risotto

Add on a side of the risotto to your entree, and get the nutty, earthy flavor from the morels, with lots of rich rice goodness. There’s a reason risotto makes the list of absolutely gourmet comfort food, and it has something to do with the rich wine, chicken stock, and cheesy goodness that makes it one of the most savory dishes on the menu.

Specials At Pompey's Grill


If you are looking to indulge a little bit, go ahead and splurge on Sundays with all you can eat crab. Or pop in for the Top Chef Thursday three-course meal. Let the culinary artist behind all the above creations take some liberties with the menu, and sort out exactly what works for the available ingredients and whims of flavor. You deserve a dash of something special at Pompey’s Grill, so reserve your table and enjoy.

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