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Madison Buffalo Jump State Park

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Jun 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Madison Buffalo Jump State Park isn’t far from Three Forks, and it’s well worth a stop. This scenic spot rounds out the triple crown of state parks surrounding the Headwaters region. Here’s all you need to know when you’re planning a trip to this significant historic site.

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Scenic Drives around Three Forks

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on May 23, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Spring weather starts to get nicer and nicer as the pages on the calendar turn, but sometimes it’s still iffy whether your hike will take you into a snow flurry or shorts weather. Enter: the spring drive. And when you take it to the ultimate scenic level, it elevates your road wandering experience. Here are some of the best scenic drives around Three Forks that’ll get you out churning miles and burning rubber—in the best way possible.

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Planning Your Stay: Day Trip to Virginia City

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on May 9, 2019 8:00:00 AM

As the county seat of Madison County, Montana, Virginia City keeps the history of the Victorian Era alive. After booming in the late 1800s with the advent of a gold rush, the town practically froze in time once the gold ran out. Today, it’s vibrant display of living history with a thriving community of reenactors and local historians. Roam the town, check out the shops, and still make it back to Three Forks in time for a nightcap before bed. Here’s what you should add to the agenda when you take a day trip to Virginia City.

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Where Does The Name "Sacajawea" Come From?

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Apr 18, 2019 8:00:00 AM

We’re talking about a lot more than just the name of a hotel here—when it comes to icons of American history, Sacajawea ranks near the top. Most people familiar with the history of the western states know the name well, aware of her for her contribution to the flowing river of exploration and expansion in this country. The checkered past between European invaders and native peoples finds a brief moment of peace in the chapter of her story that involved working with the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

But who was Sacajawea, really? And how did she help shape the Missouri Headwaters Region that we know today? Her story goes far deeper than just her role as an interpreter and guide for the Corps of Discovery. Read on to find out more about the woman who helped shape the country’s history.

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