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Where To Get The Best Winter Drinks In Three Forks

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Dec 31, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Best Winter Drinks In Three Forks

When it comes to staying warm this winter in the Headwaters, we have it covered. It’s rare to find so many establishments that people admit to driving hours just to indulge in (we’re raising a glass at you, Willow Creek Cafe and Frontier Bar). For such a small Montana town, Three Forks pulls out the stops when it comes to sipping a beer or cocktail when the nights get longer and longer in the depths of winter. These spots will give you the shot of summer that you’re looking for. So go grab a drink, and raise a glass to Jack Frost.  

The Sac Bar

Downstairs at the Sac, the beer flows fast and the gourmet bar food helps satisfy your cravings. There’s a reason that Canada is the home to poutine—hot gravy, cheese curds, and warm fries make the cold winter nights seem just a little warmer. That applies to Montana, too. Try out the Sac’s take on this dish, with whiskey-caramelized onion bacon gravy and shaved prime rib. You’ll find a welcoming crowd in a cozy basement atmosphere. You can enjoy live music on the weekends, too. Just remember that dancing is proven to dispel winter blues!

Pompey’s Grill

You don’t have to be hungry to enjoy the elegant atmosphere at Pompey’s Grill. Get glammed up for a fun night, and enjoy a drink at the bar. Of course, we wouldn’t blame you if you ordered your Manhattan alongside a shrimp cocktail—or something even more mouthwatering. You can always head downstairs to the Sac for dancing afterwards!  

Frontier Club

This is supposed to be a about all the places you can enjoy a winter beverage in Three Forks, but if you go to the Frontier Club and you don’t try one of their famous burgers, you’ll wish you had. This is one of those quintessential stops that people just won’t stop raving about. Of course, you can still find plenty to quench your thirst, but local beef shaped with care is hard to beat, and it’ll warm you from the inside out.

Plaza Bar

This classic Montana bar and casino is the place to shoot some pool, drink a few beers with friends, and bring your dog along (you’ll have to give Plaza Bar a quick Google to see what we mean). This is that small-town Montana atmosphere that you just can’t fake.

The Town Club

A little dash of Montana dive bar never hurts, so order up a brew and enjoy the scene at The Town Club. The Thursday-evening dart tournament brings out the locals, so head down to grab a drink and get in on the action.

Willow Creek Cafe and Saloon

Just a six-mile drive from Three Forks, the town of Willow Creek might not look like much. But step inside the vibrant yellow building that is Willow Creek Cafe, and you’ll change your tune. There’s no shame in just snagging a seat at the bar to grab a drink (and you may have to if you find your way here on a busy weekend without a reservation), but you don’t want to miss this joint’s famous ribs.

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