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Why The Sacajawea Hotel Is An Instagrammer’s Paradise

Posted by Sacajawea Hotel on Jul 17, 2018, 6:00:00 AM

Instagrammer's Paradise

History meets modern luxury at the Sacajawea Hotel, where a prime photo op waits around each decorated corner. The Sacajawea Hotel Instagram account is an easy go-to for all the tripspiration you could ever need, and the photo inspiration is enough to get you going on Instagram adventures of your own.

In Montana, Instagram is its own language, with scenic vistas and too-cute spaces that are so photogenic, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture stunning memories in photo form. At the Sacajawea Hotel, Instagram is just another way to express yourself while you take in these utterly Instagrammable spots.

Outside, Open Air

Whether you’re lounging outside on the patio tables of Pompey’s Grill or relaxing on the sweeping front porch, the outdoor spaces at the hotel make an Instagram paradise.


The tipi on the front lawn at the hotel pays homage to the building’s namesake, honoring the impressive life and sacrifices of Sacajawea by pulling in an element of native culture for all to experience. With a striking wooded backdrop or the stark contrast of Main Street and the hotel behind, find the perfect angle, and get clicking.


Front Porch

Even though you’re in Montana’s wild west, the sweeping wraparound porch and classic white clapboard of the hotel will have you swooning like a Southern belle. A mimosa looks good in any light, so kick up your heels and share the moment with your adoring followers.

Intimate Indoors

The history of the Sacajawea Hotel can be seen and admired throughout the building. Luxury interiors speak a thousand words, telling a timeless story in each shot. 

A room with a view

The view of your room is the view that really wows at the Sacajawea, where the perfect marriage of antique furniture and accessories meets modern luxury linens and a fresh face on the past. Capture shots of quaint small town living from the window, and get cozy in your private space away from it all.

Amazing Amenities

Breakfast in bed, bright white tile, a steaming cup of coffee, all set themselves up as perfect moments to be captured and shared. The soul of Montana Instagram may be mountains, but its fuel is coffee, so don’t miss the chance to share a sip.

Cozy Common Areas

Common areas at the Sacajawea bring people together, and help make those beautiful memories that are best shared far and wide.

Pompey's Patio


Hanging planters and sage green patio umbrellas stretching across the sky scream summer on the patio at Pompey’s Grill, the Sacajawea Hotel’s delectable answer to fine dining. Under the twinkle lights at twilight, your food will look as good as it tastes—delicious!

Luxurious Lobby

Find an Instagram paradise among the rich, dark wood accents and swoop-backed antiques in the lobby of the Sacajawea. The wonder of days gone by is highlighted in soft lighting and warmly inviting style.

Sac Bar

Live music and a rocking dance floor need no caption, and the only hashtag necessary is #fun. Grab a local microbrew and some bar eats, and dance the night away at the basement Sac Bar. A selfie speaks louder than that bass is thumping!

Pompey’s Grill

The indoor portion of the restaurant strikes a pose just as dramatically as the patio. Crisp linens and sparkling silver—plus more of those delicious dishes we were talking about—make an ideal backdrop.

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